New Salem Citizen of the Month Program


The object of the citizen of the month program is to publicly recongnize those citiezens who contribute to the New Salem community, assist someone in need, in any way improve the quality of life in the New Salem area, or who go above and beyond thier expected civic responsibiliies.  The award will be presented by the New Salem City Council at its regular monthly meeting and will be recongnized in the New Salem Journal. 

Under the Communtiy Infomation tab you can find more information about the New Salem Citizen of the month and the nomination forms. 

 Guidelines for nominations and selection of the Citizen of the Month include:

  • The nominee should be a member of the New Salem Community that includes rural and urban areas.
  • nominees for Citizen of the Month need not be well-known people in the community.  Nominaitons for all segments of the community are encouraged.
  • Elected officials are not eligible for nomination.
  • Nominees should have a reputation for honesty, integrity, and pride in our community. 

 Selection Committee Membership:

The Citizen of the Month will be chosen from among all nominations by a select committee, consisting of one member of the print media, one City Council member, and one community member.

Directions for completing the nomination form:

Answer all questions below.  A brief resume or comments may be included in the comments section at the end of the form.  Nominations must be recieved by the first of the month to be considered for that month's selection process.  Nominations will be kept on file for future consideration.  The nomination form may be faxed to the City Auditor's office at 701-843-7828 or dropped at the office.  You may also contact Delores Klusmann at 701-843-8676.

 New Salem Citizen of the month nomination form