What to do while you are in New Salem..........


New Salem has a wide variety of entities to entertain young and old!!!  From swimming to visiting our past by walking through our extensive and impressive museums New Salem may seem small at a glance but we have 125 years of community to share with all!


"Salem Sue"

  The World's Largest Holstein Cow has become a landmark for travelers across North Dakota. 

Visible for miles, and big enough to impress even the likes of Paul Bunyan, the fiberglass lady Holstein stands 38 feet high and 50 feet long on top of School Hill on the north edge of New Salem. 

A project of the New Salem Lions Club, Salem Sue was constructed in 1974, at a cost of $40,000.00 as a tribute to the area's dairy industry. 

The visitor to the Cow will not only be amazed at her size but will also be afforded a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside. 


Red Trail Links Golf Course

9 holes over 2,955 yards with a par of 38 (Municipal)
PO Box 18
New Salem, ND 58563-0018

We do not take tee time reservations.  Just show up and enjoy a round or two of golf on the beautiful Red Trail Links Golf Course.  Please leave payment in the dropbox.

For Golf Cart Rental call 701-409-0347

Click HERE to view beautiful Red

Trail Links Golf Course.



New Salem Swimming Pool 


New Salem Historical Society/

Custer Trail Museum


Includes: school, church, blacksmith shop, 1910 house, railroad depot, replica barn, farm machinery, cars, tractors, clothing.
I-94, Exit 127, 1 mile south
New Salem

701-426-1431    701-426-1430

701-843-7384    701-226-3008

Open by appointment ONLY

The New Salem Historical Society was organized in 1969 with the purpose of establishing a local museum to create interest in past history and preserve it for the future generations. 

A site was acquired from the Park Board near the North Park. This became the Custer Trail Museum as three buildings were acquired and moved in over the next 2 years. The schoolhouse from Fairview School District is used as an office and display area. The second schoolhouse from the Garfield District was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Erich Wilkens and has been set up as a country school. The third building moved in was the Otter Creek Church, which was placed on a full basement. In 1973 a dedication service was held in the church.
In 1974 a blacksmith shop used before the turn of the century and originally owned by Philip Blank was donated to the Society by Wm. C. Keuther.
In 1976 the 40x100 foot brick and tile building was built as part of the Bicentennial project. It is divided into several rooms and used to display artifacts.
The replica Sandstone House was built by members of the New Salem Pioneer Club.
An annual buffalo and ham supper was held for many years as a fundraiser.
In 1972 Clarence Klusmann and Alice Conitz were elected to the seats vacated by Marvin Schulz and Joe Kautzman. Louise Holle filled the unexpired term of Amelia Fuchs.
From 1973 to 1981 others who served terms on the board were: Mel Clendenen, Frank Sturn, Philip Maier, Viola Reif, Marguerite Brandenburg, Lawrence Kroeger, Condon Hartman, Valmer Sucher, Colleen Heid, Mabel Hintz and Sharon McNeill.
In June 1981 Walter Kitzmann, dedicated promoter of the Museum and Historical Society, died. He had been President of the Society for 10 years. Edwin Holle was elected to fill Walter’s unexpired term, and Lawrence Kroeger was appointed President.
As part of New Salem’s 100th birthday in 1983, a new steel building 100x100 feet was erected to house vehicles and machinery displays.
The Historical Society was able to acquire the New Salem Depot in 1984 and that was moved to the museum site.
In 1989 the house owned by New Salem pioneer John Christensen, was offered to the Society by the families of Ruth Beusen and Edna Horn. The large 2 ½ story house was built in 1910 and would be of great historical interest once restored. The moving of the house was quite an undertaking, both logistically and financially. This was accomplished in October of 1989 by the Carrington House Moving Company.
Further work on the house would have to wait several years until finances would allow. We then proceeded with restoration of one or two rooms a year until 1999 when a grand opening was held in conjunction with a Woman’s Life Society fundraising pie and ice cream social.
The year 2000 saw attention turn to the depot, where the dark dingy freight room was turned into a bright and cheery meeting room and home for the old books of the city library as well as an area for doing research.
Over the years since 1999 the Woman’s Life Society has held an annual pie and ice cream social and we have featured art shows, gun shows, the Centennial Singers, various demonstrations and an antiques appraisal show.
In 2001 and spring 2002 the blacksmith shop was restored and set up for use in blacksmithing demonstrations. In 2005 the wooden windmill was restored by Hoesel Construction.
During the years from 1982 to 2006 the following new people served terms on the board: Gloria Maier, Lloyd Huber, Harold Schroeder, Edgar Schwagler, Erwin Holle, Lloyd Borner, Diane Toepke, Roger Holle, Ingram Opp and Chris Kaelberer. 

Current officers:  Leonard Maier-President, Todd Hanson-Vice President, Bonnie Maier-Secretary, LaDonna Olson-Treasurer,

Board of Directors:  Dave Heid, Troy Moos, LaDonna Olson, Don Boehm, and Todd Hanson


New Salem Parks

New Salem has a large assorment of parks to entertain the entire family. 

  • City Park - This park has two large shelters, two slides, swings and much much more.  It also features a brand new play area for children 6 and under.
  • North Park-  This park has 2 large shelter and a small one for your entertaining purposes.  Great for reunions and family events this park also includes play equipment for children.  There are hookups for RVS. 

Jeff Heid Memorial Tennis and Basketball Courts

This project was a joint effort of the New Salem Schools, Park Board, the community business places, family and friends who contributed the necessary funds to match an available Federal Program in 1976.  Approximately 115 feet square, located on the northeast corner of the elementary school playground, the multi-sports complex consists of interchangeable courts for tennis, basketball, badminton and volleyball.  It is fenced, lighted and has permanently anchored posts for tennis nets and basketball hoops. 

The project was begun in the summer of 1976 and dedicated that fall in memory of Jeffery A. Heid, who died of lymphatic cancer in April, 1975, a month before graduating from New Salem High School.




Gaebe Pond

This pond is for kids under 16 and senior citizens.

This pond is stocked full of fish and ready for you to enjoy.

Located off of Hwy 10 and 1 mile West of New Salem.

Two miles west of New Salem on the Old Red Old Ten Scenic Byway is Gaebe Pond which, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Central Sportsmen's Club supports several varieties of fish and a fishing pier whic is handicapped accessible and open to fishing for senior and young children alike.  The Gaebe Pond is the fourth series of dams.  It was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the mid 1930's during the Great Depression.  On the dam's face, there are rocks placed into the earth that spell  CCC for the Corps. For many years this was known as Bumann Dam.  The first of the dams were built before the turn of the cerntury.  The second and third were completed in the early 1900's,  They were constructed by the Peter Bumann family using horse and scrapers.  The dams are filled almost entirely by strong springs above and around the first three dams.  The pond first provided New Salem with ice, which was taken directly from the pond before electricity.  The Bumann family cut and hauled ice from these dams t the ice house on their farm, then called Spring Brook Farm, to the east of the dams.  The ice blocks were very uniform in size at about eighteen inch cubes, so they were easy to pack.  They were placed on layers of straw and hauled on sled by horses fitted with ice cleateed horseshoes.  It was hard, cold work and yet a profitable business venture.  People would come all summer to purchase ice for thier ice boxes.  The tools used to cut and remove the huge ice cubes can be seen at the local museum.  It was sawed into blocks and stored with straw in an underground cellar.  The Bumann farm was purchases in the lated 90s by Dirk Gaebe and he agreed to let the local Central Morton Sportsmen's League develop it into a recreation area.  The local chapter, in partnership with the North Dkota Game and Fish Department, put in the dock and stock the water annually with trout, blue gills and catfish.  They also upgrade the banks and grounds regularly.  This fishing opportunity is available to the handicapped, young people and senor citizens.  The gorunds are mowed and kept clean by the local chapter. 

Bike Trails

New Salem has over 1.5 miles of new bike trails ready for you to walk..run....or bike!